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Too Soon? BBC Begins Filming Interviews for Tony Blair's Obituary


Despite being just 58 years of age with no reports of bad health and in seemingly good physical shape, the BBC has moved ahead with filming interviews for the obituary of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The Sun reports that the decision from BBC executives to begin filming has drawn criticism from many in media and politics alike:

"The 'ghoulish' decision to ask former Cabinet colleagues to contribute to the programme about Mr Blair's life has shocked some within the Labour party.

One Labour source said: 'It seems in pretty poor taste that the Beeb is already preparing for Tony's death.

'He is still a relatively young man who I'm sure has got a lot of years left in him yet.'"

The Labour Party politician lead the UK through a tumultuous ten year period as Prime Minister, presiding over the devolution of the United Kingdom, Good Friday Agreement, War on Terror and the 2005 terrorist bombings on the London public transport system.

Blair had a minor health scare as PM in 2003 when he was rushed to a London hospital after complaining of chest pains and an irregular heart beat.  He was treated for cardioversion, released within 5 hours, and the condition was downplayed down by officials from Number 10 Downing Street. Blair was the youngest person elected prime ministers in nearly 200 years when he entered office in 1997 at the age of 43.

When asked by The Sun about the premature filming, a BBC spokeswoman said: "We don't comment on obituaries."


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