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Blaze readers find Trump interesting, that's all

Billionaire Donald Trump will moderate a Republican presidential debate later this month. (AP File Photo)

There were 15 comments on my post from yesterday asking Blaze readers to describe what a Donald Trump endorsement would mean. The one word that kept coming up was "interesting" or some variation on it:

"I think it would be interesting to see who he supports. But… it won’t affect my vote."-- OHIO4TEA

" His endorsement would be interesting but not sway me."-- BAKER JOHN

"His endorsement doesn’t mean much to me but it would be interesting to see who he would back."-- MENSAMAN62

"...This is what will interest me, even though I will most likely not vote for Trump. His endorsement will not influence my vote either."-- NC

"I think it would be interesting to hear who he thinks would be the best candidate and why... On the other hand, I certainly don’t see it having any effect on my vote."-- DRFROST

For the purpose of this post, it looks like Trump might be right. People are waiting for his endorsement, if not "millions." But in the eyes of many (most?) he's just a celebrity, meaning he's interesting but not particularly relevant in real world decision making.

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