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Jewish gay teen's rendezvous with man he wanted 'legendary' sex with ended with him being stabbed to death by neo-Nazi homophobe: Prosecutor
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Jewish gay teen's rendezvous with man he wanted 'legendary' sex with ended with him being stabbed to death by neo-Nazi homophobe: Prosecutor

It has been more than six years since Blaze Bernstein was found stabbed to death in a shallow grave, but his alleged killer has avoided a trial until now. Samuel Woodward is an alleged neo-Nazi and homophobe accused of murdering a Jewish gay teen from California who wanted to have "legendary" sex with him.

Bernstein had "super-liked" Woodward on the Tinder dating app in June of 2017, to which Woodward liked him in return. Bernstein messaged him, "Wait, Sam Woodward?? Is that you??"

Bernstein was allegedly surprised to see his classmate on the dating app seeking a relationship with another man, and even shared a screenshot of Woodward's profile to two friends from their high school alma mater – Orange County School of the Arts.

Bernstein allegedly told one friend that having sex with Woodward would be "legendary."

"I need to get [expletive] by Sam Woodward, it would be legendary,” Bernstein wrote to his friend, according to the New York Post.

Bernstein reportedly believed that Woodward was a closeted homosexual, and allegedly told friends, "We all knew it."

Woodward initially told Bernstein that he was on Tinder looking for intimate relationships with black women and for guys to go deer hunting with him. Woodward allegedly said he only matched with Bernstein to catch up.

Bernstein, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania at the time, reportedly told Woodward that he was cute. Woodward, then age 20, purportedly told Bernstein, "You’re not too shabby looking yourself."

According to court documents, Bernstein informed Woodward that he was back home working on a birthday gift for a friend. When Woodward allegedly offered to come over and help him, Bernstein said it wouldn't work out because his family was home.

Forward reported that Bernstein asked Woodward about his sexual preferences, but he replied that he had been "kinda dishonest," and that he was just curious about how Bernstein would respond if he said he was attracted to him.

Woodward reportedly ended the match on Tinder.

The pair matched on Tinder six months later.

Woodward allegedly apologized to Bernstein, and said that he had been "going through a weird time" in his life and hinted at a possible drug addiction, but stressed that he was better now.

Bernstein said he was not concerned about Woodward's past issues.

Bernstein noted that Woodward was straight, to which he reportedly replied: "I might make an exception for you.”

Bernstein was allegedly skeptical and retorted, "We have already done this prank, remember."

The duo began having a conversation on the Snapchat app, where Bernstein reportedly gave Woodward his parents' home address and they decided to meet up.

According to court docs, Woodward picked up Bernstein in his car and the pair went to Borrego Park in Lake Forest outside Los Angeles.

Bernstein reportedly messaged his friend at 11:36 p.m. on Jan. 2, 2018, that read: "I did something really horrible for the story."

A few seconds later he added, "But also no one can ever know."

However, Bernstein never replied to his friend's concerned text to his cryptic message.

The next day, Bernstein missed a dentist appointment. His parents found his glasses, wallet, and credit cards in his bedroom, which prompted them to try to contact him, but he didn't respond to their texts or calls.

Bernstein's father reportedly discovered messages between his son and Woodward on Snapchat. The concerned father messaged Woodward about his son.

Prosecutor Jennifer Walker told the court that Woodward told the father and police that Bernstein had gone to meet another friend at the park, but did not name the person.

Days later, Bernstein’s body was found in a shallow grave in Borrego Park. According to the prosecutor, the teen had been stabbed 28 times – mostly in the face and neck.

Police carried out a search on Woodward's family home in Newport Beach – where they discovered a folding knife with blood on the blade and DNA on the handle that matched Bernstein.

Law enforcement also found a black Atomrwaffen mask spattered with blood and a cache of homophobic and anti-semitic materials.

During the trial in Santa Ana that began on Tuesday, Walker accused Woodward of joining Atomwaffen Division – a violent, homophobic, and anti-semitic group.

Investigators allegedly found emails that Woodward had sent to himself that Walker described as a "hate diary." He reportedly expressed hatred for gay and Jewish people. In the emails, Woodward allegedly admitted targeting gay men online.

The prosecutor argued Woodward "killed Blaze Bernstein because he was gay."

Woodward was arrested two days after the bloody blade was found in his room.

Woodward had dodged trial for years by claiming that he couldn't stand trial because of his mental state.

In late 2022, Woodward was deemed competent to stand trial.

Woodward pleaded not guilty to murder with an enhancement for a hate crime.

Woodward’s defense attorney Ken Morrison contended, "We agree the evidence will show that Samuel Woodward is guilty of homicide." However, Morrison also told jurors, "What happened that night, plain and simple, was not a hate crime."

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