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Blood-Curdling Scream' Brings Mother to Aid of Toddler Being Squeezed by Python


"The snake was biting his leg and was wrapped around his whole body..."

Just a few days after we reported a 13-foot Burmese python shocked a Florida family when they found it curled up in their pool, comes a story making that seem like routine pest control.

The Daily Mail reports that the mother of a 2-year-old-boy from Australia heard a "blood-curdling scream" and ran to a backyard garden where she found her son wrapped up by a python. The Daily Mail states that the snake had wrapped its entire body around the boy and the mother, who was not identified, initially couldn't remove it because of its strength:

"The snake was biting his leg and was wrapped around his whole body, to his chest. It started constricting.

"The attack happened very quickly and it was very scary."

The Australian reports that the boy was first taken to the Mossman Hospital in north Queensland and, fortunately, was released without serious injury aside from the bite marks on Tuesday. At the hospital, it was determined that the snake was non-venomous so doctors did not need to use an anti-venom kit on the boy. Pythons are constrictors that suffocate or crush prey. The boy was transferred to Cairns Base Hospital for 24 hours of observation in case of infection but was then released, according to Sky News.

The Daily Mail goes on to report Rod Gilbert, a local veterinarian, as saying that it is unusual that the snake attacked a child but notes that "a two-year-old boy is not much different from a wallaby" in terms of size. In north Queensland, pythons can grow up to 20 feet.

The mother had sent her son to play when the incident happened. She was helped by neighbors who heard her screams to remove the snake, the Daily Mail reports.

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