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Tebow Was Fined by Teammates for Billboard Telling Coach to Let Him Play


In the final week of the NFL regular season one of the most interesting games will play out in Denver as Tim Tebow, the unorthodox Quarterback who has been one of the biggest storylines of the season, will play against his predecessor Kyle Orton.

Tebow came to the Broncos one year ago following one of the most decorated careers in college football history. As a rookie, Tebow sat out most of last season despite the demands of many fans. After just one win and four losses this season, the rumbling of Denver fans calling on Coach John Foxx to bench Orton in favor of Tebow grew. On October 5, a billboard went up at an intersection in Denver representing the growing Quarterback controversy:

The sign was put up by three Muslim-American brothers and Broncos fans, who have no have no qualms with Tebow's well-known devout Christian faith.

“It gives him encouragement, so it’s good,” one brother told the Washington Times. Another: “That’s where he gets his strength, so he should keep it up because it’s good for Denver.”

Since taking over for Orton on October 9, Tebow has miraculously led the Broncos into playoff contention. Orton was released and picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs. This Sunday Orton comes to Denver as the starting Quarterback with the Chiefs, and has the opportunity to derail the Broncos' playoff hopes.

Coming into the huge game Sunday, the NFL network reports on an awkward outstanding debt that the two QBs may need to settle:

"Like many places around the NFL, the Broncos' QBs have an informal system in place that allows them to fine each other for different infractions, whether funny or serious. Late for a meeting? That's a fine. Say something dumb? That's a fine, too. Each fine is tallied on a board -- and everyone pays up at the season's end.

Four days after a billboard in Denver on 58th Avenue one block east of Interstate 25 publicly called for coach John Fox to bench Orton in favor of No. 15, the quarterbacks decided to begin fining Tebow every day that it remained up."

Up to the announcement that he would be the starter, Tebow had been fined daily for not publicly admonishing a sign representing calls from the fans to let him play.

While the debt has gone unpaid, Orton has the chance Sunday to settle the score.

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