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Cops Bust Subway Turnstile Jumper Who Turned Out to Be Packing a Loaded Machine Gun


NYPD officers were shocked with what they found when stopping 33-year-old Reggie Allen of South Carolina for jumping a subway turnstile near Times Square Monday. The New York Post reports that Allen was allegedly carrying two fully loaded weapons -- a hundgun in his waistband and machine gun in his bag -- as well as an ammunition clip containing more than 30 bullets.

FOX 5 reports on Allen, who has a tattoo engraved in his neck that reads "Me Against the World:"

Police tell the Associated Press that the guns they recovered were a loaded Smith & Wesson .45-caliber handgun and a loaded Intratec Luger Tec-9 machine gun. Allen has been charged with criminal possession machine gun, criminal possession weapon loaded firearm and other charges.

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