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See How This Family Gets 75% of Their Food From 'Dumpster Diving


"...most of her molecules originated in a dumpster."

This man's family never goes hungry. You might say their cup overfloweth, except in this case, it's a dumpster that overfloweth -- with food.

The family gets 75 percent of their food from a dumpster, only purchasing some staple foods in bulk.

The Perennial Plate tagged along with the father on an early morning trip to a Trader Joe's dumpster where he loaded up with bread and bananas for breakfast. Here's the story of one family that is trying to go against mainstream excess and waste:

When the unnamed father and his family moved to their current home, as he says in the video, he found a dumpster that almost always has food. He usually tries to get enough food in one dive.

"If I have to go back the next night I will, if there is nothing," he said. "It's pretty rare to find nothing."

The father says that he learned about making use of available resources in his childhood.

"My dad taught us that things that had actual value were things like land, food," he said. "Everywhere I go I try to find something to eat that's in my environment."

But don't think dumpster diving will keep you thin. The father says he put on 10 pounds since he started dumpster diving a little more than a year ago.

[H/T Treehugger]

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