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Michael Moore: Older Generation Who Didn't Vote for Obama Are 'Racist


"Really, I mean, can I just throw out one statistic?"

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore levied a heavy charge at older Americans who didn't vote for President Barack Obama in 2008: They're racist.

Moore made his comments Thursday during a forum hosted by PBS host Tavis Smiley and Princeton University Professor Cornel West.

"...and that's younger people -- because they're not as racist as the previous generations," Moore said to applause and laughter.

"Really, I mean, can I just throw out one statistic? The only white age group that President Obama won was 18- to 29-year-olds. He lost every other white age group. So, I know that may sound depressing, but the hopeful part of it is our young people, they're going to fix this. You know this, those of you my age, our kids, they're not bigots, they're not homophobes. They don't look at it the way the grandparents and the great-grandparents did. This is going to get better with this next generation."

According to the Washington Post, Moore also offered some stark criticism of Obama, calling him, Vice President Joe Biden and all of Congress "puppets" of Wall Street.

Taking a crack at Obama's re-election efforts amid widespread disappointment in his job performance, Moore asked, "How many people now are saying 'Hey, I can't wait to get back on those phone books?'"

"Don't let the Democrats and Barack Obama play that card of 'where else are you going to go?'" he said. "There's just enough pissed off people that will actually go somewhere else and could cause a huge ruckus."

(h/t Fox Nation)

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