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SNL: Mitt Romney Likes Being Able to Fire His Breakfast


Riffing on Mitt Romney's "I like being able to fire people" quote, Saturday Night Live featured the candidate having plenty of fun passing out pink slips...to his breakfast.

Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, was seated in a diner and trying to show how much of an "everyman" he really is. ("The fact is, the whole family and I love to watch sporting events on television of a weekend, so normal are we" and "I'll tell you this, it sure beats Saturday chores...of course I'm kidding, we have people for that.")

Acknowledging the dust-up his quote caused on the campaign trail, Romney explained: "It's like when you've been raking leaves out in the yard and your T-shirt's a little clammy. You go inside and fire it, replacing it with a dry T-shirt or no T-shirt at all."

But when the waitress arrived to take his order, Romney really got into his groove.

"Two eggs," Romney ordered.

"How do you want 'em?" the waitress asked.

"Laid off," he said.

And he wasn't done: "No bacon, let's throw the bacon out of work...I don't care for toast so I'd like to see the toast lose its job, without notice if possible. Can I have an English muffin instead -- but can the English muffin be hired on a temporary basis so if I'm not hungry enough to eat it, I don't have to pay?"

And after asking for some "fresh-strangled orange juice," Romney was finished ordering breakfast.

Watch the sketch below, via NBC:

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