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Occupiers Allegedly Kicked Off Bus in TX: 'Shut Up and Sit Down!


"All fourteen of them, I want them all of the bus.”

A group of Occupy protesters on its way from San Diego to Washington, D.C. is furious after it claims it was kicked off a Greyhound bus in Amarillo, TX.

"I was discriminated against because I was with Occupy San Diego," protester Vivian McCardle told KFDA-TV. "It's appalling that people would treat others like that. When I walked up to that door he said you're one of them. You people. You're one of them going to Washington. Umm... One of them?"


The group detailed the incident on the site Obrag.com. According to that account, the bus driver became agitated with the group during a rest stop and repeatedly told members to "Shut up and sit down." When they continued to respond to the driver, he eventually exited the bus and made a phone call. That's when several police officers showed up and the driver pointed out the occupiers and had them removed:

After a brief conversation with the driver the officers walked onto the bus and asked him to point out who he wanted removed. The driver began to walk around and ask different passengers whether they were with Occupy. The police stopped the driver and told him that instead of asking people if they are with Occupy, he should instead point out who specifically he wanted off the bus. The driver replied, “all fourteen of them, I want them all of the bus.”

The driver failed to realize that there were only thirteen people with the Occupy group on the bus and that he was mixing in to the group another passenger that voiced her concerns about the unfair treatment she witnessed.

No one was kicked off just yet, and two of the officers left the bus to speak with the driver once again, while one remained on board to speak with the protesters. The officer who remained inside, told everyone that they would be able to stay on the bus as long as they don’t communicate with the driver at all. Everyone agreed and were looking forward to getting back on the road. The officer even explained to the protesters that they have to deal with this driver, his disrespectful attitude, and attempts to get people arrested without cause all the time.

While one of the officers was talking with the passengers on the bus, the driver was seen waving his hands in disgust and his head in disapproval at the two officers speaking with him outside. A few minutes later, the driver and both officers returned and explained to everyone that anyone with Occupy would have to leave the bus.

Without argument and still in shock, all thirteen protesters even those not pointed out by the driver, quietly stood up and walked off the buss together. By the time the group was booted from the bus, it was already after 8pm and over an hour since the bus was originally supposed to depart Amarillo.

Greyhound had not commented as of Monday morning, but did Tweet a message on Sunday recognizing the incident:

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