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Teens Reportedly Beaten for 'Tebowing' During High School Basketball Game


The contentious presidential race isn't the only drama unfolding in South Carolina. A basketball game between two Charleston high schools last Tuesday reportedly turned ugly when two fans of the winning team were allegedly beaten for "Tebowing."

The battle between Wando High and West Ashley High ended, according to The Post and Courier, with the two Wando supporters being attacked in a parking lot. The teens had apparently replicated Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's iconic prayer stance during the game, which ended in a 20-point defeat for West Ashley.

Apparently, there's been a bit of a negative history between the two schools. Last year, a Wando parent punched a West Ashley teacher in the face following a varsity game.

While there is no way of knowing, the Tebowing gesture may have been used as a means to poke at the losing team, especially considering the troubled history and bad blood that exists between the two schools. Again, the teens' motivations weren't clear.

"They were scared for their lives," said Lara Isaac, the mother of one of the 17-year-old victims. "No one was manning the exits to make sure this wouldn't happen. The kids who did this apparently knew that."

The Post and Courier has more regarding the specifics of the attack:

[Isaac's] son was chased into a parking lot by a group of boys, according to a police incident report. He tried to defend himself, but his attackers slammed him to the pavement, kicked and punched him. He came home with a torn shirt, scraped knees and elbows, and a welt on his forehead.

The other boy was punched in the stomach so many times that he began vomiting in the bushes outside the doorway. Isaac said Wando athletic officials came to that boy's aid.

The school, though, claims that it tried to do everything it could to prevent the incident from unfolding. Knowing this troubling history, a spokesperson for the Charleston County School District claims that security had been increased for the event and West Ashley's athletic director, Richard Luden, said, "I felt we did everything on our end of it."

The teams are slated to face one another again on Jan. 27.

(H/T: FOX News)

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