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Trump Releases Another Video Rant: 'It's Gotta Stop


"We must defeat Obama."

The Donald is back again to stir the pot and give his advice to Republican candidates looking to challenge President Barack Obama in the general election.

In the latest episode of his YouTube series of desk rants, Trump calls on Republican presidential candidates to be more civil with one another, echoing calls from the now ex-candidate Jon Huntsman.

"The Republican candidates are getting very, very nasty with one another, it's gotta stop," says Trump in the Youtube video posted Monday. "They're playing right into Obama's hands. We must defeat Obama."

This time last year Trump was considering a run for president as well, polling within only a few percentage points of President Obama.  Trump flirted with the idea of running as a Republican up until sweeps season, eventually announcing that he would not run. 

However, after several Republican candidates mocked Trump's credentials and eventually refused to attend a debate that he was suppose to moderate, Trump announced he was no longer a Republican. The switch to independent fueled speculation that he may run as a third-party candidate.

Judging by Monday's video, Trump appears to be once again supportive of a Republican candidate in the general election against President Obama.

"Keep it civil, keep it going," Trump says to the remaining GOP candidates. "You really have to stay with the principles of Republicans and conservatives.....Beat Barack Obama, not yourselves."

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