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Foxes and Friends': Vid Uncovered of Huntsman Girls Dressed in Wigs and Mocking Romney


When Jon Huntsman dropped out of the presidential race this month, much was made about his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Not just because he did it, but because it also seemed so lackluster. And if people weren't convinced of Huntsman's ardent support for his new-found favorite candidate, a new video uncovered featuring his popular trio of daughters will surely add to that speculation.

In an new video uncovered by KTVX-TV in Salt Lake  City, Huntsman's daughters -- Mary Anne, Abby, and Liddy -- are seen adorning blonde hair, two of them via over-the-top wigs, and pretending to be part of a show called "Foxes and Friends" -- a tiny shot at the Fox News morning show and the network's lineup of blonde anchors. The girls then interview Mitt Romney, who is played by a bobblehead.

KTVX shows the video, and explains why it was never officially released:

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