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Iowa proves Iowa should NEVER be the state casting first nominating ballots -- EVER


As you've likely heard Glenn say and/or read on The Blaze:

Republican officials say the final count of the Iowa caucuses puts Rick Santorum ahead of Mitt Romney by 34 votes, but no winner will be declared because votes from eight precincts are missing.

Romney, the front-runner in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, initially had been considered the winner by 8 votes in the event’s closest finish ever.

Really? C'mon!

The ONLY reason candidates spend any time at all in Iowa during the race for the nomination is because of the momentum an Iowa win can create. Do you understand that, Iowa? And you, Iowa GOP, can't get your stuff together enough to finalize the vote or find the votes from eight precincts.

Here are 3 important rules I believe should be implemented before our next presidential nomination circus:

1: No community organizers allowed.

2. No Wilsonians allowed.

3. Iowa votes last (after this GOP caucus idiocy -- be glad you get to vote in the nominating process at all).

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