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Blaze staff offers gift ideas for Keith Olbermann's Bday


It's a special day for a special reason: It's Keith Olbermann's birthday! He's 52 yet doesn't look a day over 54.

Here at THE BLAZE we want to wish him well and another fantastic year on the edge of obscurity. And while we won't actually be giving Olbermann anything for his 52nd year on Earth, we did have ideas of things we thought would make great gifts. After all, it's the thought that counts.

Here's what some members of our team had in mind for Olbermann...

National Security Correspondent Buck Sexton-- "A suit that fits."

Assistant Editor Madeleine Morgenstern-- "Emergency candles, in case his studio lights blow out again."

THE BLAZE magazine editor Chris Field-- "The gift of self-awareness."

Business Editor Becket Adams-- "I'd buy him a shot... of dignity."

Front-Page Editor Jon Seidl-- "A Twitter war. I've always wanted to get in one with him, but honestly have been afraid I won't be able to contain myself once it started."

Faith Editor Billy Hallowell-- "An education:  with a major in common sense and a minor in reading comprehension. "

"Sparks" Editor Mike Opelka- (Opelka wanted to get Olbermann a gift but...) "I went by The Humility Hut, but they had nothing big enough to cover him."

READERS-- Leave your gift ideas for Olbermann in the comments section below!

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