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Why are Beck and Olbermann Growing Goatees and Lighting Candles?


Is there something in the water? There have been striking similarities between Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann lately.

In late November, Olbermann was spotted on his Current TV show "Countdown" sporting a new Fu Manchu-type goatee.

Beck has similar facial hair. And while he probably wouldn't identify himself as a hipster, he had his first. He grew it out back to June.

Then there's this.

Why are they both sitting in the dark lighting candles?

In this case, Olbermann was first. He lit his candle on set on his show Tuesday. Beck came next, lighting his candle on Wednesday. But the reasons they had for doing so were very different.

It turns out the studio Olbermann's show is shot in was having some technical difficulties, according to Mediaite. The lights started glitching on Monday and by Tuesday the set was nearly blacked out.

Beck, on the other hand, was making a point. While reacting on his show to a speech by President Barack Obama about the economy and nationalism, he sarcastically said, "Do you know how many jobs have been lost since electricity? Seriously, you know how many people it takes to make candles without electricity?"

He then asked his producers to turn out the set lights in order to "save jobs."

Let's hope these two don't get anymore alike.

h/t Huffington Post

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