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Woman Chases Down Crook Who Snatched Her Wallet and Delivers Message from God


"I grabbed him and said: 'God wants you to give me back my wallet.'"


Linette Kossow has gone through a lot lately. Her apartment was recently burglarized and she has been the victim of identity theft.

So when 18-year-old Jenar Sanders reportedly snatched her wallet on the bus in the wee hours of Friday morning in Chicago, she decided she wasn't going to take it. She chased him down in her skirt and knee-high boots, and picked up some helpers along the way -- a homeless man and a security guard. She eventually caught him. But that's not where the story ends.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kossow and her cadre of Good Samaritans actually caught up to Sanders twice before they eventually cornered him in an alley. And once, she even "grabbed" him and delivered a message from the Almighty.

"I grabbed him and said: 'God wants you to give me back my wallet. Please give me

back my wallet. I need it.'"

Police eventually arrived and arrested him. And while everything ended okay, officials say Kossow's actions did create some nerves.

"The woman's lucky," a police official said. "She grabbed him. She was lucky this guy wasn't a violent guy. They had him in an alley without an exit. He's a fairly substantial man."

As for Kossow, she was just fed up.

"I've had a lot of things happen, and I'm exhausted. And I'm really tired [of being a victim]. I'm done," Kossow told NBC Chicago.

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