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Here's What Happens When a Bank Gets Creative With its Automated Phone Services


We’re all familiar with it and we all hate it: navigating our bank's automated phone services.

Being aware of how much customers dislike this experience, the Norwegian bank DNB decided it would try something a little more -- well, a lot more -- pleasant than the usual robo-prompts.

Here's DNB's unique solution (via Fast Co.Create):

Instead of having to endure talking to a robot, or possibly being forced to listen to an easy-listening jazz rendition of “A Hard Day’s Night” (of whatever they listen to in Norway), during the month of December, DNB customers were treated to the Norwegian Broadcasting Boy’s Choir.

As the video notes, DNB is an official sponsor of the Boy's Choir.

Therefore, being rather clever, the Norwegian bank killed two birds with one stone: the choir stunt advertises the bank's support for the much-loved choir, while at the same time livening up an otherwise unpleasant and mundane customer experience.

Clever? Yes. Surprising? Not really.

As both Business Insider and Fast Co.Create point out, DNB has gained a reputation for being a company that produces ads that are both entertaining and amusing.

Check out this one DNB TV spot featuring George Clooney:

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