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St. Valentine's Day (Candy) Massacre: School Bans Candy, Pushes Origami Instead


"Nothing says love like origami."

In a move that will probably get support from the First Lady, but boos from kids and candy companies, a school in Massachusetts has banned candy exchanges on Valentines Day.

The Horace Mann School in Newton has told parents that kids cannot not bring Valentines Day candy to school. Instead, the school suggests that kids exchange things like nice cards, or gifts like "stickers, pencils, erasers, stamps, or crafts like origami."

One mom was fully supporting the ban. She told MyFoxBoston that last Valentines Day was a difficult one for her:

Last year was hell. The second grader and kindergartener came back with bags full of candy, cake, lolipops, and garbage. They had eaten half of it already at school. The other half they fought over or ate the rest. I tried to take it away from them - they screamed. I was like never again, this is not right.

MyFoxBoston did two separate reports on the story. One that sort of supported it and another that poked a little fun at it. Here's the positive side of the candy ban:

Later in the broadcast, even the news reporters could not contain themselves when talking about it:

Where do you stand on the topic of banning Valentines Day candy in schools?

Valentines Day Candy Ban

(H/T: Jeff Katz at Talk 1200 in Boston)

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