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Treehouse Lover's Dream: 1,800 Square Feet Spanning Seven Trees


"That's the largest treehouse in the world."

Is Michael Garnier's 1,800-square-foot home built within the branches of seven trees the largest treehouse in the world? He sure thinks so.

Fair Companies reports Garnier saying he knows this because "I've been claiming it and nobody's saying that it isn't. Nobody's showed me a bigger one."

The home is built primarily around a 300-year-old white oak, which is no longer living, but also incorporates seven trees into its structure, making it a "trees-house".

Check out Fair Companies's footage of the home:

Why did Garnier choose a treehouse for his homestead? He explains to Fair Companies that it actually does less damage to the woodland surroundings than if he had built the home on the ground. If the home were built like a traditional home, the foundation would have disrupted the root system of the trees, shortening their lifespans.

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