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Ann Coulter to Romney: 'You'd Better Be as Right-Wing a President as I Tell People You Will Be!


During an appearance on Hannity's America, Ann Coulter shared her view that Mitt Romney is the "most conservative" candidate left out of the four and thus, conservatives "should be celebrating" the notion that he could become the Republican nominee. Coulter heaped on the praise, calling Romney "appealing" and "gentlemanly" in addition to comparing him to conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

Mediaite adds:

Hannity and Coulter turned to the President for a bit after, talking about the damage money going to Solyndra and large spending numbers under the President. Coulter noted that despite this, it is still “very, very hard to take out an incumbent President,” which is why she would like to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as vice president. Hannity countered that he preferred Sen.Marco Rubio. Coulter liked that idea, “but Christie, that’s once in a generation.” Hannity liked him but couldn’t see him as second to anyone. “But that’s why I like him!” Coulter countered.

Coulter added that in speaking to Romney told him, “you owe me and you’d better be as right-wing a President as I tell people you will be!” Asked how Romney responded, Coulter said the GOP hopeful laughed and told her not to worry.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of Mediaite:

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