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Debunked!': Video Evidence Raises Doubt About Rush Limbaugh Nose-Picking During Super Bowl


Is he really a "knuckle-deep nose spelunker?"

There have been plenty of stories emanating from Super Bowl Sunday. Not only have we had riots and a halftime malfunction, but one picture making its way around is of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh allegedly picking his nose while in the luxury box of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. But there's just one problem: video of pickgate shows the alleged picking was more of a poking.

The original picture originated on the site Deadspin, which called the man who appears to be Rush a "knuckle-deep nose spelunker:"

USA Today originally bought the nose-picking theory, as evidenced by the story appearing -- with USA Today copyright -- on the website of the Tucson Citizen:

However, if you try to find that story on the USA Today website, it appears to have been scrubbed:

Why? you might ask. Because as Mediaite notes, "from the viewer’s vantage point, it was hard to delineate the difference between whether Limbaugh was making a pick or merely scratching his nose."

And now, video evidence has surfaced showing the "pick" was most likely a split-second scratch. The intrepid blogger Daily Rushbo walks us through the evidence:

It should be noted that there are some wondering whether it's even Rush. But Kraft was a guest at Limbaugh's wedding and a close up appears to show Rush's hearing implant: 

Either way, it seems the theory has been debunked. And if there is no pick, you got to acquit.

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