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They're Fighting!': Riots Break Out on UMass Campus After Patriots Super Bowl Loss


"Fu** the Giants!"

A riot broke out on the campus of the University of Massachusetts -- Amherst on Sunday night after the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

Edward F. Blaguszewski, a university spokesman, told the Boston Herald that 14 people were arrested, including 13 students, for disorderly conduct after campus police fired smoke bombs and pepper balls to break up the mob. He said that over 1,500 people had joined the disturbance.

Police had to use smoke grenades to disperse the crowd and even rode in on horseback.

Blaguszewski added that the commotion was over around 10 p.m. and that the students arrested could face suspension.

The incident was captured on video and several of them were posted to YouTube (content warning for language, although the first video is "clean"):

Some even chanted "USA!" before the police moved in:

These girls captured it all from high above, and at one point claimed someone had a gun, although it's unclear if they were referring to a student or the police. They also noted the rioters threw beer at police:

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