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Man Robs Bank with Sack of McDonald's Apple Pies He Said Was a Bomb--Wait What!?!


One Sacramento bankrobber will not be able to attempt to justify his crime as a means to pay for food. Police say Daniel Hegwood walked into a Wells Fargo bank in downtown Sacremento with a bag of hot McDonald's apple pies that he told the teller was a bomb.

"The suspect left a package at one of the teller windows and said there was a bomb inside. He got cash from the teller and fled on foot," Sacremento police spokesman Andrew Pettit told KCRA. 

Hegwood left behind the fast food bag at the bank, only to be spotted by police one block away. Police say they noticed money "protruding" from Hegwood's backpack. As officers tried to take Hegwood into custody, he claimed there was an explosive inside his backpack

KCRA reports that police setup a perimeter and bomb technicians searched the backpack, only to find money and items belonging to Hegwood.

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