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Neil Cavuto's spot-on criticism of Trump-media relationship


This clip from Neil Cavuto's Fox News program "Your World" aired last Friday, but it wasn't available to share at the time.

In his "Common Sense" segment, Cavuto pulled news media personalities by the hair for dismissing Donald Trump while simultaneously hanging on to his every word. This was just after Trump had endorsed Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee for president.

"They covered Trump live. He didn't ask them to cover him live. They made it a spectacle, he didn't make it a spectacle," Cavuto said. "They called him showman but not a one of them admitted Donald Trump was good for their show, actually very good for their show, all of their shows."

Cavuto is generally right. Trump is a walking headline. I write about him frequently (see here, here and here). And he is all too readily dismissed by figures in the media as a carnival barker without the slightest acknowledgement that that's the very thing that attracts their attention.

Let me be the first: Trump is a total crank. But yes, I'll write about him the next time he opens his perpetually pursed mouth anyway.


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