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California: High School Math Teacher to Be Fired for Calling Student 'Jew Boy


The same teacher had also mocked a disabled child's speech impediment.

The La Canada Unified school board in California voted unanimously -- 5-0 -- to fire a high school math teacher accused of calling a student "Jew boy." The same teacher was also said to have mocked a disabled student's speech impediment in June of 2011.

Now, dismissal proceedings for Gabrielle Leko are slated to go into effect Feb. 27.

After initial complaints about the teacher were filed, a substitute was assigned to Leko's classroom in the fall so that another adult was always present.

KTLA adds:

Then, in December, the board recommended the district reach a settlement with Leko that could lead to her leaving the district.

The board also decided to give students the option to leave her class.

Fifteen students in her pre-calculus class and two in her advanced-placement calculus class chose to leave.

Board president Scott Tracy told the La Canada Valley Sun that a settlement could still happen before Feb. 27.

"The board will continue to peruse all options, including a settlement that would result in the employee's separation from the district at the end of the current academic year," Tracy said.

On the website RateMyTeachers Leko garners an average overall score, but some of the low scored-reviews, issued by disillusioned students, shed light on just what has been going on in the shamed teacher's classroom, as well as insight into her mindset. Some of the negative reviews are reprinted below, several dating as far back as 2004.

The thing that makes Mrs. Leko a bad teacher is the fact that she will not answer questions. If you ask her to do a problem on the board she'l refuse and respond with a torturingly vague answer "Think about it," or "Its all in the vocabulary." Sometimes she'll just make you feel stupid and inadequate. I have always loved math up until now, but she has made me despise it. She does not teach either, simply tells us to look at examples and scribbles on the bored. Needs to learn how to explain things

Extremely unhelpful, and rude to an incredible point, insists on insulting and bringing to light in front of everyone the shortcomings of each person.

One of the worst teachers at LCHS. Very biased. Hates Armenians, Jews, girls,parents in general, etc.

Prejudiced and raciest teacher, should not be teaching. does not fallow any rules as a teacher puts students down, doesn't help struggling students

By far the worst teacher I've experienced in however many years of math. She intimidates students, points out ALL of their flaws (ex. if she doesn't like their name, she will make a point to embarrass the student in front of the class.)

She has a terrible reputation for incredibly valid reasons. Rude to her students, very unaccomadating to personal needs and/or learning styles (everything has to be done her way), and on top of all this, a terrible teacher strictly in the sense of her instruction. Worst teacher I have ever had to LCHS. I'm a straight-A student.

I don't hate many people, and I hate Mrs. Leko. She is so spiteful and...well, mean. She's just mean. It took me a while before my self-esteem healed.

It seems dismissal proceedings for Ms. Leko should have commenced years ago. Why she has been allowed to remain in her position for as long as she has remains a mystery.


(Editors note: There are some grammatical errors in the student's reviews published above.  To keep their comments true to their original form, they have not been edited for grammar or spelling). 

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