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Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Egypt to Dissolve Gov't and Appoint a Brotherhood PM


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CAIRO (The Blaze/AP) -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is calling on the country's ruling generals to sack the current military-appointed government, saying it has failed to manage the deteriorating security and economic situation in the country.

Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan says the military should appoint a Brotherhood representative prime minister, who would then form a new coalition government.

The Brotherhood controls nearly 50 percent of the seats in the new parliament.

Ghozlan said Thursday a government backed by parliament would be more empowered to handle challenging security and economic problems.

In the past week, Egypt has been rattled by a deadly soccer riot that sparked days of clashes between protesters and the police. At least 89 people have been killed since the violence began last week.

But the move is ironic considering that at the beginning of the country's uprising last year, the Brotherhood maintained that it would not be political. That's been proven false.

It also might be concerning to Jews. That's because Brotherhood officials have signaled they would not stand by past agreements with Israel and won't even have a dialogue with the country. And that's in addition to the anti-Israel messages prevalent in the party.

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