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Want to See What Was in the FBI's File on Steve Jobs?


"possesses integrity as long as he gets his way."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released its nearly 200-page file on the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Gawker reports that Jobs underwent investigation in 1991 when he was up for appointment to former President George Bush's export council. It also notes that a bomb threat in 1985 was investigated and included in the file.

Let's take a peak inside.

  • Jobs was a hard man to pin down. "Mr. Jobs' secretary informed [a special agent (SA)] that Mr. Jobs was unavailable for an interview for three weeks. Mr. Jobs could not even see SA for an hour."
  • Jobs used drugs in the past. "Several friends commented concerning past drug use on the part of Mr. Jobs." Jobs himself also commented on his past drug use.
  • Jobs was a go-getter. "Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs' honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist and distort reality in order to achieve his goals." One said he "possesses integrity as long as he gets his way." Another person said they questioned Jobs' morality and ethics.
  • Jobs became a more supportive father over time. Several interviewees spoke of Jobs and treatment of the child he had out of wedlock. One said he "abandoned" mother and child but had recently become more supportive of them.

Overall, feelings toward Jobs were mixed. Although, many of the interviews had favorable opinions toward him, recommending him to the position. Some noted that Jobs lived within his financial means, was good at delegating and didn't exhibit any tendencies toward racism. It very rare anyone considered himself or herself a close friend of Jobs.

See the full file here.

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