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CPAC 2012: The Blaze invades the Blogger's lounge


One of the best places to work and watch CPAC is inside the Bloggers Lounge. The place has live coverage of the main event on large TVs, free food, and reasonably reliable Internet service.

Here's what the lounge looked like before the action happened.

A few of the ambitious bloggers arrived early and staked out prime real estate.

One of the early arrivals was Emily Zanotti, Editor-in-Chief of the blog Naked DC. Ms. Zanotti and I chatted about the conference and TheBlaze. (Her mom reads our site, before she reads Emily's.)

Because we're here to cover the event AND make new friends, I offered Emily a nifty piece of Blaze swag - the bag of Blaze colored nail polish. She snagged it, and began applying the bright yellow to her previously naked nails.

In a matter of minutes the job was done!


And a happy, new friend is seen with her Blazingly bright nails!

(Of course we gave Emily a set of the polish for mom.)


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