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Obama thinks the American people don't understand basic economics


President Obama just announced his plan to "accommodate" religious organizations being forced to provide free contraception. And guess what: he thinks the American people are idiots.

Here's what I mean:

  1. Obama just said that he won't force employers with religious reservations to provide free contraception.
  2. Instead, he said he will now force the insurers to provide such services for free.
  3. But let's ask this: who pays for those employees to have those policies? It's the employers.
  4. Who do yo think the insurers will pass the cost of such "free" services onto? The employers.
  5. That means, in the end, employers will be paying for the "free" birth control. That's basic economics.

For someone from the University of Chicago -- home of the great free-market thinker Milton Friedman -- President Obama really doesn't seem to understand some basic economic principles. Or, maybe he does. And then the issue becomes this: he thinks he can fool you, and believes you're not smart enough to notice.

This isn't an accommodation or a compromise. It's a joke.

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