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Boston PD Mocks Anonymous Hack in Satirical Video


"Why would anyone want to destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?"

Leave it to the Boston Police Department to respond to an attack by the hacker collective Anonymous with a video hinting at its own sarcasm and taking advantage of the opportunity to market the department's news website.

Anonymous hacked the Boston Police Department's website, BPDnews.com, by overloading its server in a DDoS attack, in retaliation to a police raidagainst Occupy Boston protesters. The outage lasted from Feb. 3 to Feb. 9. Feb. 3 was a day when Anonymous also took credit for gaining access and recording a private FBI conference call.

The BPDnews.com satirical video not only plays on music used by Anonymous from the artist KRS-One, but it also features local law enforcement detailing, with feigned drama, where they were when they heard of the attack and what they thought of it.

Watch the mockery:

The Boston Globe reports that an antic such as this could be expected from BPDnews.com as it often mixes hard news with less serious stories:

Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said the video was created as a lighthearted way to engage the community about what had happened to BPDNews.com.

“It made sense to take the opportunity to present our lighter side to the community, to show that we, too, have a sense of humor,’’ Driscoll said, “which people aren’t often accustomed to from law enforcement, so it can be confusing.’’

Still some have questioned the use of Boston PD's time and resources to make the two-minute clip and also whether it would antagonize Anonymous further. The melodramatic humor also appears to have been lost on some, but the Globe reports that it is being given credit as a "clever idea" even if the "acting was pretty flat."

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