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Former Marine Refuses Plea Deal in NYC Gun Possession Case


"We continue to believe the case should be dismissed outright."

Former Marine Ryan Jerome does not believe in partial victories.

You may recall Jerome was arrested for felony gun possession during a visit to NYC last September. He voluntarily checked in his firearm at the Empire State Building, as it was legally registered in another state, and he believed he was in compliance with the law.

Not in the Big Apple. Possession of any firearm unregistered in NYC is a major crime under the law.

As a 28-year-old Indiana-based jeweler, Jerome brought his legally-registered .45-cal Ruger to New York because he was transporting $15,000 in gold to a Long Island refinery, according to the New York Post.

The somewhat good news for 2nd Amendment advocates is that the Manhattan District Attorney has offered a plea deal to a misdemeanor with no jail time. But Jerome adamantly refuses any deal. He wants all charges dropped. Period.

It is a felony to possess a handgun in New York City whether it is registered anywhere else or not. Those caught violating the statute face a mandatory 3 1/2 year sentence, but prosecutorial discretion often allows for plea deals and lesser punishments.

As a former Marine, Jerome has received substantial support from his brothers-in-arms as well as from those in the chattering classes who believe New York's draconian gun laws violate the 2nd Amendment. This public attention may have helped push prosecutors to treat this case less harshly than they could have.

"We continue to believe the case should be dismissed outright," said Jerome's lawyer, Mark Bederow, according to the New York Post.

The Post claims a document has been released regarding the case that states: "The New York District Attorney's Office is offering to allow your client to plead guilty to a single Class 'A' misdemeanor in full satisfaction of all charges." The letter was apparently addressed to Jerome's lawyer from the prosecutor heading the case, Joseph Davis.

The Blaze will update you on any developments in the Ryan Jerome case in the weeks ahead.

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