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Liberal Caller Who Threatened Stu and Pat Has a History of Trolling Conservative Radio Hosts

"Suicide is a solution. Do something for the country instead of doing something for yourself."

Those who receive Glenn's daily email recapping his radio show may have noticed an especially interesting item. A Left-leaning caller named "Bobby" from San Antonio, TX called the show and proceeded to angrily denounce hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray, before concluding with a bizarre threat. "Once you step outside your comfort zone, it's over, buddy," Bobby snarled. You can watch the clip from the show below:

As it turns out, Bobby's outburst isn't a one-time thing. The young-sounding, tenor liberal firebrand has been calling conservative talk radio to yell at hosts for almost two years. Back in November of 2010, "Bobby from San Antonio, Texas" called the Rush Limbaugh show. The results may cause schadenfreude:

Some of "Bobby's" greatest hits from that call:

You pick on Jesse Jackson. That's a man who stood with Martin Luther King. He's practically a prophet, and I'm sure if Martin were alive today, you would have parodies of him, too, because we know exactly what you're about, Mr. Limbaugh! [...]

For a person like yourself who's taken so much while taking nothing back -- while giving nothing back -- when is it your turn to give something back this country that you claim to love so, SIR? When will it be time for you to care about someone else other than your own...? [...]

All you care about is profit! All you care about is lies!

The call apparently sparked a huge outpouring of interest from Rush fans, many of whom thought the call was a prank. So many, in fact, that Rush himself had to publicly go on the air and tell them:

It was from San Antonio, and he was legit. I got two kinds a e-mail response. One line of response was just livid at you, Snerdley [Rush's call screener], for even putting the guy on the air, and the other line of response was, "Come on, Rush, you made all that up. Nobody really talks or sounds that way," and it was legit. You heard it, Mr. New Castrati. It was typical, the greatest example of it we coulda found.

But the saga of Bobby wasn't finished. Three months later, on February 8, 2011, another caller from San Antonio calling himself "Buck" called into the show, following an interview Rush had done with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The tone of his initial remarks - delivered almost in the style of a makeshift gangsta rap - may sound familiar:

CALLER: Yeah, Limbaugh getting chummy with Rummy. You know, those who want to rewrite history can't escape reality. And the world is united on that. So let me tell you something, Mr. Nostradumus, here's a prediction for you, Rummy's book bombs. Here's something else for you. Okay? Suicide is a solution. Do something for the country instead of doing something for yourself.

Any doubt as to who "Buck" really was was immediately erased, though, when Rush asked, "Buck, is this really you?" The response:

Hey, this is your castrati, remember me? I know you don't like to take real questions, but today you do.

The "castrati" only got a few more repetitions of his line "Suicide is a solution" before Limbaugh took him off the air. Though Limbaugh joked that "Buck"/Bobby was threatening to kill himself, he clearly was telling Rush to kill himself because it would make America better. Put in this context, Bobby's call to Glenn's show today might strike some as slightly more ominous than amusing. Especially this part:

Do you know what, you people live in a bubble. You live in a bubble. Once you get outside that bubble, you’ll… you don’t stand a chance. Once you step outside of your safe zone, it’s over, buddy…

Stu and Pat tried to clarify whether Bobby was threatening violence, only to be hung up on. The real irony is that Bobby had started his call by attacking Stu and Pat for "offensiveness" in their language.

In any case, those with any idea as to the identity of this death threat-spouting opponent of "offensiveness" are urged to get in touch with The Blaze, or perhaps a mental-health facility. Bobby's laughter-inducing reign of terror must be brought to an end.

UPDATE: The Daily Rushbo sends over this video of Rush reassuring his callers - repeatedly - that this guy's appearance wasn't a prank:


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