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See the World's Largest, Fastest V8 'Amphibious Vehicle' in Action


"...solution to the growing demands placed on today’s transport, first responder and military communities."

(Photo: Gibb's Technologies)

We've brought you news of land-to-sea vehicles before -- like Volkswagen's new concept design for the "aqua car" and the 29-foot yacht with retractable treads -- but Gibbs Technologies new "Phibian" has stepped up to the title of largest "high-speed amphibian" ever created.

The Phibian is a 30-foot long all-terrain vehicle with twin turbo diesel engines that help it reach highway speeds on land and twin jet drives that get it up to 30 mph in the water. It can carry up to 15 passengers or up to 1,500 kg with 500 horsepower. Its transition from road to water takes less than 10 seconds.

Watch Phibian in action:

GIBBS Amphibians 2:00 from on Vimeo.

The Phibian was introduced earlier this month at the American Society of Naval Engineer's annual conference. Gibb's Technologies is directing the vehicle for use by law enforcement and the military.

“Phibian and Humdinga deliver a revolutionary and highly effective solution to the growing demands placed on today’s transport, first responder and military communities,” Gibbs’ Chairman Neil Jenkins said in a statement. The Humdinga is a smaller vehicle developed earlier by Gibbs designed to deal with remote, difficult terrain.

“Natural disasters in recent memory, such as the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia;  as well as the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, illustrate the need for amphibians as capable, versatile and efficient as Phibian and Humdinga,” Jenkins said.

[H/T Jalopnik]

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