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The Revolution WILL Be Televised! Occupy Maine Debuts New Show
Occupy Portland (Photo: AP)

The Revolution WILL Be Televised! Occupy Maine Debuts New Show

"When we talk about income disparity, we are not talking about giving our hard-earned money away to anyone else."

Occupy protesters may have been evicted from an encampment in Portland, ME, but the protesters aren't taking it lying down (any activities in the tents notwithstanding). A group of the former encampment leaders have instead taken to making their own TV show, which features interviews with fellow Leftists, as well as commentary on current events. The show is currently on its 4th episode, which can be viewed here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol-hT1DqKlw#! expand=1]

The show features three anchors - Brian Leonard, Bob Klotz and Regis Tremblay. However, not all of these three men fit the typical model of an Occupy protester. While Klotz and Leonard appear to be your standard occupiers, Tremblay has a more complicated background. In fact, as recently as 2010, Tremblay was Director of Public Information and Education at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. He even hosted a TV show about Maine Fisheries and Wildlife:

Readers can form their own opinions about what a former government functionary in charge of environmental issues would be doing on an Occupy-themed TV show. However, Tremblay certainly mouths the talking points well, calling Occupy a "global revolution." Some other highlights of his commentary:

The 99 percent are mostly employed, taxpaying, civic-minded, honest people who have woken up to the truth: the American Dream no longer exists. The Constitution has been trampled upon, and our Founding Fathers betrayed. We are here to stay, and growing in numbers every day. Those who still claim to not understand or know what the movement is about, well, they are simply disingenuous or hopelessly in denial about what is now a global protest against corporate greed, crimes committed by financial systems, and governments that do not represent the people.

When we talk about income disparity, we are not talking about giving our hard-earned money away to anyone else. This isn't about sharing the wealth -- the fact is, over the past 40 years, the wealthiest one percent have seen their income grow by 360 percent, while income for the 99 percent has remained flat.

And when it comes to taxes, we are only asking that the wealthy pay their fair share. This isn't class warfare, this is common sense.

The movement has now occupied the collective consciousness of the entire world. We not only demand change, but we demand that democracy be handed back to the people.

The environmentalist air of the protest doesn't stop with the appearance of a former government functionary in charge of wildlife, either. The TV show also features an interview with Bill McKibben, an environmentalist who has been credited by some sources as responsible for leading the fight against the Keystone Pipeline. McKibben credits the Obama administration for "standing up to the oil industry a bit" in the interview, and adds, "we can't stop global warming one pipeline at a time."


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