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You can put a gun rack in a 'Volt,' you just look stupid doing it


Newt Gingrich caused a stir today when he said, "You can't put a gun rack in a Volt" while campaigning in Georgia. He was commenting on American energy policy using a reference to Chevrolet's smaller, energy-efficient car "The Volt."

One upstanding citizen, who says he owns a Volt, took Gingrich's words as a challenge. He went ahead and installed a gun rack in the back of the car and uploaded the proof to YouTube (see video below).

But the problem is, as you might already suspect, a Volt looks ridiculous with a gun rack installed in it. Likely because Chevrolet never imagined anyone would want to put a gun rack in the trunk of the car. Actually, a Chevy spokesman said as much to USA Today: "Fuel efficiency -- not the availability of a gun rack -- is one of the top purchase considerations for all new vehicles."

Saying "You can't put a gun rack in a Volt" is like saying "you can't wear black shoes with a brown belt" or "you can't wear that sweater vest." Of course you can. You just look stupid doing it.

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