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Creepy Putin Campaign Ad Predicts Future for 'Virgin' Voters: Vlad Will Be Your 'First Love'


He'll protect you like a "brick wall."

Vladimir Putin's penchant for proving (or, attempting to prove) his masculinity is no secret. From trying to bend frying pans with his bare hands a la "iron man," to riding on horseback bare-chested, the Russian presidential candidate is hoping his new campaign ad will help pull off a hat-trick by landing him his third, yes, third, non-consecutive term as Russia's president.

The following campaign spot features a young, attractive woman visiting a fortune teller, who, by showing a tarot card, reveals the girl's "first" love will be none other than Vlad himself.

"He will protect you," the fortune teller says, likening the protection Putin will bestow on the young woman to the feeling one would get "behind a brick wall." Or, perhaps, more like an iron curtain.

Watch the arguably creepy video below. If you do not understand Russian, fear not. We've already provided the important background above and the scene speaks for itself:

(h/t: BuzzFeed)

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