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1 Student Dead, 4 Wounded as Ohio High School Is in 'Crisis Mode' Following Shooting

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CHARDON, Ohio (The Blaze/AP) -- A gunman opened fire inside a high school cafeteria at the start of the school day Monday, killing one student and wounding five others, authorities said. A suspect -- believed to be a student -- was arrested a short distance away.

The suspect was taken into custody near his car about half a mile from the suburban Cleveland school, said FBI agent Vicki Anderson. The condition of the victims was not immediately disclosed.

Students screamed and ran in panic through the halls when gunfire broke out around 7:30 a.m. at the 1,100-student Chardon High School.

Heather Ziska, 17, said she was in the cafeteria when she and other students heard popping noises in the hall. She said she saw a boy she recognized as a fellow student come into the cafeteria and start shooting.

She said she and several others immediately ran outside, while other friends ran into a middle school and others locked themselves in a teachers' lounge.

"Everybody just started running," said 17-year-old Megan Hennessy, who was in class when she heard loud noises. "Everyone was running and screaming down the hallway."

Television news footage showed anxious parents escorting children away from a school building, and ambulances could be seen outside.

The injured students were taken to Cleveland-area hospitals, hospital spokeswomen said.

CNN has more:

A student at Chardon High, Evan Erasmus, told CNN affiliate WEWS that the victims may have been students at another school in nearby Auburn, Ohio, waiting for a bus to take them there.

He said the suspect may have posted a threatening message on the social networking service Twitter before the shooting.

"I think he said that he was going to bring a gun to school, and I think that everyone just blew it off like he was joking," Erasmus said.

One student claims there may have been a second shooter who the police cannot find.


Students at the high school and a middle school had already started their day when the shooting happened, but bus runs for elementary school children were stopped. All classes in the district were canceled.

Parents of high school students were told to go to an elementary school to pick up their children.

Chardon, a city of about 5,100 people, is about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

UPDATE: FBI officials would not comment on a motive. But 15-year-old Danny Komertz, who witnessed the shooting, said the gunman was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied.

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