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Jellyfish Capitalism': Beck Hammers 'Business Without Backbone' Amid 'Linsanity


"You are seeing an injustice."

Anyone who has listened to a Glenn Beck broadcast for more than a day or two can probably glean that Beck is not much a sports fan.

So why has he been so focused on the recent episode involving ESPN's firing of a staffer who crafted the now notorious "Chink in the Armor" headline about NBA star Jeremy Lin?

While he has discussed it on a broadcast or two, today Beck crystallized his arguments in two ways.

First, he published a full column on the subject:

This is jellyfish capitalism. It is business without backbone. Pressure groups target companies and their advertisers to create just enough fear to make them ask themselves: “Who cares what is right? Why bother fighting?  Where’s the upside for us?”

We’ve come to a point where freedom of speech only exists when others like it.  Where we only accept differing opinions from professors, as those professors won’t accept differing opinions form their own students. Where business owners routinely turn control of their companies over to whichever outsider is screaming the loudest.

Why should you care? This is far bigger than one online writer. This isn’t about any one story, one company, or one industry. Sure, it’s easy to sit down and watch a headline writer you don’t know go down in flames. But if you don’t speak up for him, who will be there to speak up for you? More to the point: why should anyone be there to speak up for you?

The column appears in the new "Contributor" section of The Blaze.  You can read the complete column here.

Then, on the Monday night broadcast of his GBTV program, Beck delivered a passionate monologue about what he sees as the collision of free speech with "fear and greed."  Here it is in full:

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