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Terry Jones Pledges to Burn More Korans & Prophet Muhammad Images if Iranian Pastor Isn't Released


"President Obama is a liar and a traiter."

News has been dominated by the tragic and horrific stories of violence resulting from the burning of Korans by U.S. soldiers at a NATO air base in Afghanistan. As the military struggles to contain the fallout, a man here in America may be seeking to fan the flames. In the wake of the chaos, Florida-based fundamentalist Terry Jones is, again, threatening to burn Islamic holy books and images.

As you may recall, Jones first gained infamy when he called for copies of the Koran to be burned in response to the proposed Ground Zero mosque. He also attracted a small bit of attention when he announced his intent to run for the U.S. presidency.

Now, the fundamentalist pastor is stepping out, once more, and threatening to burn the holy book and pictures of the Prophet Muhammad if Iran continues its refusal to release Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The Blaze has extensively covered Nadarkhani's plight following his arrest on apostasy charges by Iranian authorities back in 2009.

Jones recorded a video that was uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 24. In it, he highlights his plans and makes overt threats to the Iranian regime.

"We demand the immediate release of Pastor Youcef," Jones says at the beginning of the clip. "Pastor Youcef is a pastor in Iran who has been found guilty...of converting from Islam, the religion of death, to Christianity."

Jones, of course, wasted no time giving Iranian leaders an ultimatum, should they fail to comply with his request. Additionally, he took the opportunity to jab President Barack Obama.

"If not, we will be calling for a world-wide burning of the Koran and a world-wide burning of images of Muhammad," he continued. "President Hussein Obama said that Islam has a long history of tolerance. President Obama is a liar and a traiter."

Watch the video message, below:

In a release on his web site, Jones also made his praise for the U.S. military's burning of the Korans known, writing that "Islam is death." In the past, Jones has been accused of inciting violence following his burning of one of the holy books.

While the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has confirmed that Nadarkhani is still alive, the execution charges against him still stand. You can find out more about the battle to save him here.

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