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Burn the Koran' Pastor Will Lead Shariah Counter-March in D.C.


Terry Jones, the small-time pastor known for stirring up big-time controversy, is at it again. The controversial Florida preacher first lit a spark when he called for people around the world to burn copies of the Muslim Quran to protest the construction of the Ground Zero mosque in New York, a call he later rescinded.  A former hotel manager, Jones, who worked as a missionary in Europe for 30 years, took over as head of the Dove World Outreach Center, a fundamentalist Christian church in Gainesville, Fla., in 1996.

Now, as Muslims are invited to demonstrate their support for Shariah law in front of the White House Thursday, Jones is headed to Washington to lead a counter-protest to "radical Islam."

"By no means will we allow our Constitution to be attacked, our Constitution to be changed, our Constitution to be altered," the counter-protest group's Facebook page reads. "Let us join together in unity. Let us stand up, stand strong and speak loudly!

"Now is the time that we make a very, very clear statement to radical Islam."

As we've reported, notorious UK Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary is leading a group of protesters in a march to support Islamic Shariah law for the United States. Choudary's group plans to rally in front of the White House Thursday afternoon.

Jones is joining Stand Up America, a conservative-leaning group in marching from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House.

"It is necessary that we set very clear lines for Muslims that are here in America," Jones says.  "They are welcome to be here. They are welcome to worship. They are welcome to build mosques. But we do expect them to honor and obey our Constitution. If they desire to change our Constitution, in other words to institute Sharia, then these Muslims are no longer welcome in our country."

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