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Video: The cost of 100 Obama fundraisers


President Barack Obama is slated to attend his 100th reelection fundraiser today -- a significant milestone more than double that of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who had attended just 49 political fundraisers by this time in his presidential tenure.

With all of that time spend wining and dining donors, what price is the country paying for their commander in chief's absence? The RNC gives us a sampling:

On top of his 100 fundraisers, the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard also points out that Obama has also played 90 rounds of golf and gone on 16 family vacations.

So where is Obama raking in all of his campaign cash? CBS News' White House correspondent Mark Knoller provides the geographic breakdown:

District of Columbia - 23

New York - 21 (includes tonight's 4 events)

California - 20

Florida - 8

Illinois - 8

Texas - 4

Washington -4

Colorado - 2

Massachusetts -2

Missouri - 2

Pennsylvania -2

Hawaii - 1

Maryland - 1

Nevada - 1

Puerto Rico - 1

As Knoller points out, Obama's biggest campaign donor is likely the American taxpayer who picks up the bulk of the tab for the president's travel when he uses Air Force One, a mode of transportation that costs a whopping $180,000 per hour to fly. And as for the president's promise to be the most "open and transparent" White House in history, the Obama White House refuses to disclose details on exactly how it calculates the campaign's financial responsibility for these expensive campaign jaunts.


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