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Diabetic College Student Tased by Police While in Shock Now Suing


"I don’t trust the police anymore."

A 23-year-old Ohio woman is suing the local police station for alleged brutality after she was caught driving erratically in a state of diabetic shock.

The local Fox affiliate reports that Chelsea Garrett, a college student in Ohio, became disoriented while driving back in Nov. 2011, caused an accident and almost sideswiped a Stow police cruiser. The station reports that over-the-counter medication she was taking for a cold may have affected her diabetic condition.

Garrett doesn't deny the state she was in and even plead guilty to reckless driving, but she is suing the Stow Police Department because claims she was punched in the chest, tased, handcuffed and then tased again.

Watch the report for Garrett's thoughts and footage from the cruiser's dash cam of the incident:

According to Fox, investigation into the police officer's actions were found to be within accordance with the department's policy. Fox also reports that Garrett's ultimate goal with the lawsuit is to have policies that would have allowed for this treatment changed to help others feel safe.

Earlier this year, The Blaze reported the Henderson Police Department and Nevada Highway Patrol said they would be reviewing their own policies after losing a lawsuit to a Nevada man who was beaten by officers who didn't realize he was in a state of diabetic shock.

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