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Pelosi: Fluke's $3000 Contraception Figure 'Factual' Despite Existence of Cheaper Options


"She was factual, she was courageous and she made a difference."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi might be having a having a bad week. Specifically, her star witness, Sandra Fluke, has arguably turned out to be a fraud, who has ties to one of the more radically pro-abortion groups in the country. Yet the former House Speaker, in a move which will likely draw at least some grudging admiration for its sheer audacity, has doubled down regarding Fluke's testimony in a press conference today. Video below:

CNS News reports the rest of the details:

Fluke testified that contraception can cost a law student $3,000 over three years, when in fact the Target store just 3 miles from the Georgetown Law School campus sells a month's supply of birth control pills for only $9 to people whose insurance does not cover contraception.

At the U.S. Capitol, CNSNews.com asked Rep. Pelosi, “Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke--she told Congress that contraception can cost over $3,000 for a woman during her time in law school. Yet the Target store 3 miles away sells a supply of birth control pills for $9 a month to women who do not have health insurance. Was her testimony accurate?”

Pelosi said: “I have a great deal of respect for the testimony that Sandra Fluke presented to Congress. She was factual, she was courageous and she made a difference in the debate and in the country, and we were honored by her presentation.”

The existence of birth control pills available in the DC area for dramatically less than Fluke mentions has been well-established. However, the generic forms of some forms of contraception that are used to treat other illnesses -- for instance, Amethia -- may cost more than simple birth control. The irony of this fact is that because House Democrats (led by Pelosi herself) have focused the issue on reproductive health, women who need these more expensive pills for non-sexual reasons now have to cope with a discredited spokeswoman.

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