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The Blaze logs ONE BILLION page views in just 18 months!


Thanks to everyone who has helped make The Blaze so successful in such a short period of time.  When we first launched, I predicted that we might do two million page views in our first month.  We did two million on the first day.  And it never stopped.  The Blaze is now reaching triple the audience that we did in our first few months and in the last few weeks, we passed the pretty cool milestone -- one billion page views in just 18 months!

We have posted almost 18,000 stories in that time -- and you have posted nearly 3,000,000 comments.

For the first five months, we had a total staff of four people.  We have grown slowly over the last year -- we now have 17 on the edit/reporting team.

From the beginning, we intended for The Blaze to be much more than a website.  And you've embraced our efforts to make this a true multimedia content operation -- web, radio, TV, print.  And there is much more to come!  Again -- thank you.

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