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Howard Kurtz: MSM 'has it in' for Limbaugh


Longtime media critic Howard Kurtz is a little late to the game but his comments on the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke controversy are worth the read.

On the news media's general rejection of Limbaugh's apology for calling Fluke a "slut," Kurtz writes :

The apology failed for another reason: the mainstream media, much mocked by Limbaugh, has it in for him. There was no uproar in the press when Bill Maher, now a million-dollar donor to Obama’s super PAC, called Sarah Palin the C word as well as a “dumb twat.” Ed Schultz’s slut attack was a relative blip. Limbaugh, who is carried on more than 600 stations, has a far bigger megaphone, but he’s cut no slack by the left-leaning media. Slutgate was carried on MSNBC every 10 minutes or so (and largely downplayed at Fox News).


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