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You Don't Put Your Hands on a Lady': High School Senior Speaks Out After Brawl With Male Teacher's Aide Caught on Video


She had shown him the middle finger two weeks prior.

A video has surfaced of an incident in Rochester, NY, in which a high school's teacher's aide got involved in a physical altercation with a 17-year old senior.

Rochester Police said Tyrell Green has been charged with harassment and was removed from the school the day the scuffle took place.

13WHAM obtained the video showing an adult arguing with senior, Allyson Henderson. They appear to flail their arms at each other, until the teacher's aide can be seen shoving Henderson onto the lunch table. Eventually another staff member separated the two.

"He put his hands in my face first, then I took his hand out of my face," said Allyson Henderson.  "That's when he put his hands on me."

Henderson said the altercation was likely provoked by disagreement two weeks prior in which she showed Green her middle finger in response to something he had said.

"I was so mad...like I just couldn't believe it happened," Henderson said.  "At first I didn't think it was that traumatizing as it would be, but now I'm scared because I'm worried about someone following me home," she said.

13WHAM adds:

Henderson says the fight happened in the cafeteria on Wednesday. She walked up to the table where Green and another staff member were sitting. She was trying to sign up for the talent show, but she was told she couldn't. Henderson says she walked away angrily, but overheard Green and the staff member make a comment about her.

That sparked the verbal argument which quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

"The staff member was immediately removed from the school and an investigation is underway," Interim Superintendent Bolgen Vargas said in a statement. "We do not tolerate violence in our schools."

Henderson said she also took an order of protection out against Green.

"I'm a lady.  I'm not a man.  You don't put your hands on a lady," Henderson said.

She said her neck and back were injured in the fight.

Charlotte High students were sent home with a letter from the principal, Michael Allen II, who said the school "takes your child's safety seriously" and that "this incident is by no means indicative of the relationship myself and staff have with the students."


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