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Former Rep. Alan Grayson Runs Red Light, Crashes Into City Bus on Way to Fundraiser


"Dear Lord, thank God I'm a Democrat."

Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson's hopes to regain a seat in Congress were slightly dented this past weekend.

En route to a campaign fundraising luncheon, Grayson reportedly ran a red light in his Mercedes-Benz and crashed into a city bus. Two people on the bus were reportedly injured and transported to a hospital for treatment. Grayson and his passenger were not hurt and the police investigation is ongoing, although police did say Grayson would be ticketed.

The one-term congressman, who was roundly defeated by Republican Daniel Webster in the 2010 election, was going to a closed-door fund raising lunch hosted by actress Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The suggested donation for the event was reported to be $1000 per person. Grayson's campaign has not released any photos or video from that luncheon.


The fiery Democrat continued his campaigning yesterday, speaking at the annual dinner for Democrats in Pinellas, Florida. Fox Nation reports that Grayson opened the meeting with a curious prayer:

"Dear Lord, thank God I'm a Democrat. And thank God I did not have to vote in the Republican presidential primary."

Later in the evening, Grayson was quoted calling the entire field of GOP candidates "a bunch of losers."


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