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Kirk Cameron Details New Movie to Beck: 'Deeply Concerned' About Country's Direction


"You've got to start internally with the heart and change the nature of people..."

Actor Kirk Cameron appeared this morning on Glenn Beck's radio program, where he discussed his new documentary "Monumental," which will air for one night only at theaters across America on March 27. In addition to discussing the film, Beck and Cameron spoke about Hollywood and its influence on society.

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Beck started by asking about the film's premise.

"I've got six children. Like you, I'm deeply concerned about the direction our country's headed and the world my kids are walking into," Cameron explained. "While the news is filled with people who are blaming one another for the problems, I'm looking for a solution that will really work. And I figured, maybe...our forefathers would have something to say about what we're doing wrong."

Cameron went on to explain his efforts to re-trace the Pilgrims' escape route out of England to Holland and, eventually, to America. Additionally, he promoted the need for both internal and external liberty in order to restore America to greatness.

"You've got to start internally with the heart and change the nature of people so that they begin to love the things that are truly good and right and beautiful in the eyes of God and then that permeates every aspect of your life and you begin building the country from the ground up and the inside out...," he explained.

The actor also talked with Beck about Hollywood and the "machine" that seems to produce content that contradicts good and decent values.

Watch the interview, below:

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