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63-Year Old Editor of Pulitzer-Winning Paper Dies Following Sex with 23-Year Old


"His paper initially reported he was found in his 'parked car'"

The married, 63-year old editor of the "The Oregonian" has died of a heart attack following sexual acts with a 23-year old.

Robert J. Caldwell, who led editorial page of "The Oregonian" to a Pulitzer in 2006, was allegedly buying the young woman's school books and giving her money for school expenses in exchange for sexual favors.  

According to The Daily Mail, Caldwell was at the young woman's apartment when she noticed he was coughing and then unresponsive.  She called 911 and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Though his paper initially reported that he was found in his "parked car," it did issue a revision after the young lady- whose name remains undisclosed- came forward with her story.  She claims Caldwell knew she didn't have much money so he gave her 'books and other things for school in exchange for sex acts.'  After she told the police that Caldwell did not pay her on the day he died, they decided not to press prostitution charges.

The Washington Post's memorial piece, published yesterday, introduces him as, "Caldwell was an Oregon native, raised in La Grande. He was a standout high school athlete who excelled on his high school’s football, basketball and track teams..." before listing his academic and professional achievements.

It does not note that Caldwell was arrested on a DUI charge in 2010 for ramming his car into another behind a Portland strip club.

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